Sell your car for a higher price

Sell your car for a higher price

If you are thinking about selling your car we have a little tip.

When a buyer looks at your car you want them to have the best possible view on your car.

Time to get cunning!

The biggest thing after they notice after the bodywork is the interior. If the seats look shabby, damaged, worn or even just boring you can end up selling the car for hundreds of dollars less than you could if the interior looked awesome.

We can help make that problem go away for a cost of between $49 and $75, with a brand new set of car seat covers, front and back, 5 seats.

They will transform the interior of your car, and also hide little tears and rips and stains.

You can invest $49 to get better money for your car  now. It's the simple ideas that work, everytime.

Don't even have to buy us a coffee for the tip!

Another tip... Handy for warrant time too, sometimes warrant inspection guys can a bit carried away when they see seat tears. Eliminate that possibility today.