universal car seat covers... what do and don't they fit?

universal car seat covers... what do and don't they fit?

The great thing about universal car seat covers is that these are designed to fit most cars.

But not all. 

It's therefore cheaper and easier to buy them because they don't need to be made exclusively for your car.  

Cars and ute interiors are made in endless different styles and universal covers are made to fit the vast majority of them. Most cars are slightly different for looks but do have the same structure. Many will fit perfectly, others not quite perfectly, others will be fine with some modification, others are really not going to fit your car at all.  So here's the typical look of a universal cover set.

A five seat cover set (the normal configuration) comes with:

  • Two front seats (Each front cover comes either as one piece or has a bottom seat and a seat back cover).
  • A rear set (Two pieces: A bench seat to cover three seats and a seat back piece to cover three seats. The rear seat back is usually split in three sections so you can unzip each section... Right side, centre section, Left side.
    • The splits enable you to move each seat back up and down independently. The bench seats do NOT move independently (as it's one piece covering the whole bench).
  • Headrest covers. These are to cover your headrests with. They stretch but do not fit unusually large headrests. There's usually 5 headrest covers in
  • Clips to attach the covers to your seats. 

Cars they will fit:

  • Cars with removable headrests or no headrests at all. If you can take the headrests off your all seats then these will fit your car.

Cars they will not fit:

  • Cars that have non removeable headrests. 
  • Unusually small cars that are more than about 20cm narrower than most cars.
  • Cars with bench seats in the front
  • Cars with independent rear seats on one row. If your rear seats can slide back and forth independently of each other these will not work. You'll need single or double covers for each seat.
  • Most 2 seat bench seats. Most rear seats are three seats wide. If yours is just two seats wide it's unlikely to be a good fit if the total width is narrower than the full car width. 

For cars that these will simply not fit, there is usually custom covers for that particular model. If not, try an upholsterer or sewing outfit. 

Cars where they will fit but there might have to be some slight modification to fit your car. This can be cutting holes in the fabric. The material is designed to strong enough to be cut for these modifications. 

  • Cars with protrusions from the seats. Armrests, seat belts that attach directly to the tops of seats are good examples where some modification may be necessary. (Seat belts that attach to the car itself are fine, including rear seat belts at the base). 

Installation: Front seat covers slide over your seat in seconds then just need to be clipped into place (clips supplied) Rear seat covers take a little longer. They are fitted firstly on the bench seat, then on the seat backs. Instructions are provided to help you and we give instructions and a video to help you. Usually it will take no more than 30 minutes.  

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