Using the website

On our website you can collect things, have them dropped off or have us send them. For collects you don't have to pay until you collect and you can pay cash, card or internet banking.

Here's a guide for use if you want to know in advance what the process looks like or what to do when actually in the process. We hope instructions are really not needed, that it's pretty intuitive but if not, use this guide, contact us by one of the ways on the website or via whichever channel you came to us by. We have a presence on most social media under the handle "snafflestuff".

First, check you are in your home currency. It should be automatically chosen, but if not, the choices are NZD, AUD, GBP or USD at the top of the page, Use whichever you like.


If you didnt come directly to the page of the product you are interested in, then find the page of the product you want by using the search function at the top of the page.

On the home page, the product page, category or speciality pages, you can compare the specs and information about this product to others, or add the product to a wishlist.


Then you might need to specify the variation of that product you would like. Choose those from the dropdown menu. The main picture you see will be of the variant you clicked on. As you change the variant selector, you might see various messages related to availability for that product. Contact us (see below) if you are not able to get what you want.

Before you Add to Cart, you might want to check what the delivery options are for you in your part of the world.

Just below Add To Cart, you'll see "Click Here For Delivery Options"


If you click that and select Country, Region and Product Option, you will see all the delivery choices, being one of three main types Collect, Drop Off, Or Send. Regions that support Collect or Drop Off are listed in the menu with the name plus Drop Off/ Collect). For example Hastings supports all these and has the name "Hastings (inc Drop Off / Collect").

Areas that do not support Collect or Drop Off only support Send options, such as courier for example.

Above you can see the delivery options for someone living in Hastings, New Zealand. This product can be Collected, Dropped Off, Or Sent by Rural or Non Rural Courier and it will tell you when it will be sent (if you were to buy it now) and when it will arrive.

If you are happy with the product, price, delivery method then click how many you want and  "Add to Cart".

If you try to Add to Cart but cannot, you will receive a message telling you what the problem is. It could be out of stock or not available in your area, for example. 

If you want to wait till price reduces, enter your email address here and the price you will buy at.

Message us using this at the bottom right of the screen at any time to find out what the problem is (or contact us by whichever means you came to us)


Once you click Add To Cart (After you click Add to Cart, then click on "Proceed to Checkout"  you will end up in the shopping cart where you will be given the full range of Payment and Delivery Options

Everything depends on the product combination you want and the location it's going to and how it's getting there. Changing things on this screen is absolutely fine. If you have a coupon code, add it on this screen.

Only the options available for your chosen area will be given.

You can see in the above example, that someone can collect these three items in Hastings, using Eftpos, Cash, Paypal or Credit Card.

Once you've made your final choice, then it's time to register (if you havent yet) and pay (if that's required at this stage. For some payment options you do not have to pay until you collect it).

These are the personal details we need in order to complete your registration:


Once you've registered, then if payment is required, you can make that now, by clicking Submit. First though, after you click submit, you can enter any information you want to give us is "Leave it on the porch"


If you are paying cash on delivery or another option like Instore Eftpos that you can pay when you collect, then you will get this:

Just click Confirm and then your order will be processed.

If you instead choose an option that requires you to pay first, you will get this:

..then you will get this page confirming your address (which you can change)


And finally the payment screen itself. You can choose to pay by Card, in which case you will get this screen. Payments are handled securely by Stripe or Google, and your card data is not held by us, it's safe to use.


At this stage your order will be processed by us. Depending on which payment type you used, this could happen instantly (if it was cash or card), or if it's internet banking it could take a business day before we see the funds arrive and confirm that with you.

After this, you will receive an email from us telling you the location to collect from. We do not put our address on the website, because we are not always available for collections, collections are made by appointment.

Once you receive this email, please contact us first to arrange a time to make sure we are there.

If its being sent, we will email you tracking details.

If we are dropping off, we will be in touch to get it to you by the agreed timeframe.


After the purchase you will receive reward points, which can be used for future purchases.

You might want to consider referring us to friends, in which case we have a referral and affiliate scheme which will pay you for bringing us your friends so they too can get what they want.

Enjoy shopping wiith us. If you have any suggestions in terms of the products or the website, please use the Contact is Form here at any stage.