Your dentist never told you the most important thing to do

Your dentist never told you the most important thing to do

We all heard our dentists telling us to brush at least once a day. We got that message. A million times. Thanks.

But actually what they never told us was the the most important thing of all.

They should have told us that the most important thing of all is food between teeth.

Because when that food rots in that tiny gap between your teeth that you don't get out, so too do your gums and teeth.

Floss right?

No. Only if there's no alternative. Floss is very thin and won't easily remove food particles. It just slides past it... but if the gap is so narrow nothing else will get between your teeth then OK fair enough.

What you really need is a tiny brush to get between your teeth and brush that cack out.

Interdental brushes they are called.

Tip: Don't get the ones with a tiny handle, they are impossible to manoeuvre. You need a decent handle to grip, shaped like an L.

Oh. Yep we have them.

Now if you like your conspiracy theories then it could be said that some dentists don't tell you about interdental brushing because it hugely reduces the amount of money they make out of you.

Once my teeth were a major expense but since I do this everyday I have seen a dentist in about 9 years.

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