Goods can be collected at our depots using the relevant payment method for that depot. Goods can be seen and touched prior to payment but not removed from their packaging. The role of staff at the depots is to get you the goods and take payment, not to act as customer service.

Depots do not handle return goods or refunds unless agreed in writing first. Customer service is handled online please contact us via phone, the website, or whichever method we initially spoke and confirmed your order.

Holding Your Goods:

We will make sure the goods you order are available for you to collect at that depot at the time we agree when you place your order. The goods will be specially held for you, but a friend or family member with your code can collect on your behalf.

We will hold the goods for you to collect at no charge for 7 days from your order. After 7 days, we reserve the right to charge $5 to continue to hold your goods.

After a further 7 days we reserve the right to cancel your order. Should you wish to reorder, a $5 holding fee may still be applied.