Returns and Refunds


Our returns procedure and policy is as follows:

  1. Talk to us online chat or via the phone number via the website or social media.
    1. We can help identify and solve problems online.
    2. If that does not help we can help enable the return or replacement of your item.
  2. We will take return goods if:
    1. They are not as they were described on the website.
    2. We are required to under the Consumer Guarantees Act (New Zealand).
    3. The goods are faulty or have an issue that is under their specific warranty. (Provided at time of purchase)
    4. Any goods returned because you changed your mind will incur a $10 restocking fee, providing we agree to do so. We have no obligation to do so on the basis you changed your mind, other than what is stated in the Consumer Guarantees Act.
    5. Instead of taking a return we may instead opt to replace for you, at our discretion under the Consumer Guarantees Act.
    6. Customer is responsible for all return costs unless otherwise agreed by us.
  3. Take a video of the issue and the reason and send that to us online. We will give you a Returns ID for you return it to us.
    1. Via one of our depots or via post (at your cost).
    2. We will examine the goods for the the condition you are dissatisfied with.
    3. If we agree that the condition you described is true then we will provide you either a full refund or a credit to use with us in future.
  4. NOTE: DEPOTS: Refunds ARE NOT handled at our depots, they must be handled via the website and online customer services first before returning. Then, when you get the returns ID you can return to the goods to a depot. The depot will NOT refund you upon you returning the goods. The goods will first be taken to be examined at head office who will handle the return or exchange within 7 days.
  5. Logistics costs will not be refunded, including any shipping costs you paid to us initially or costs you incurred returning it to us.


  1. In line with the above policy on returns, Refunds are available under four situations:
    1. Faulty Product. If the product is faulty we will refund the product in full upon it being returned in the exact same condition as when it left providing it is sent back within 7 days of your receipt of it.
    2. Goods Not as Described. If the product is not as described then we will refund the product in full providing it is sent back within 7 days of your receipt of it.
    3. Change of Mind. If, after purchase you decide you no longer want this product it may be sent back within 7 days of your receipt of it for a full refund less a restocking fee of NZ$10 plus any applicable fee if the product is not in the exact same condition as when it left. (see below).
    4. In line with our obligations under the Consumer Guarantees Act (New Zealand).
  2. Conditions:
    1. Refunds for product issues are only available on the product component and NOT on the delivery component.
    2. In the event there is an issue with the delivery component we will refund that once we have received a refund from our delivery company for any service issue they agree to compensate us for (if they do not compensate you directly).
    3. Our total liability for any goods we sell does not exceed the value you paid for it and it's delivery.
    4. Please note that you being unable to correctly use the product due to being unable to follow instructions or user error is NOT considered a valid basis for returning product.

  1. If returned goods are NOT faulty or they in fact ARE AS described or you return them in a different condition to what they they were sent to you.
    1. If you return these goods to us claiming they are Faulty or Not as Described and its determined that they were in fact As Described and Are Not Faulty, then we will charge you a restocking fee of $NZ10.
    2. If the goods are not in the condition as when they were sent to you by us, we reserve the right to charge you a fee to cover differences to the condition they were sent in. We may charge you up to 100% of the product's price if the goods are not in the condition they were sent to cover any product loss or damage.
    3. Before sending please talk to us, sending video and or /pictures of your claim and we will validate this upon receipt (as per the section above).