Secure payment

PAYMENT Options:

Instore EFTPOS: All standard Credit and Debit cards. No extra charge for Debit Cards, 2% surcharge for credit cards. Available at all outlets and for some Drop Offs.
Online EFTPOS: All standard Credit and Debit cards. Add 5% to the total price, You'll be sent a link to pay via Stripe. If you order yourself on the website this fee is removed.
CASH: At some outlets and for Drop Offs we accept CASH. Check the details to see if you can pay cash at the outlet.
INTERNET BANKING: For courier and drop offs we accept Internet Banking.
LAYBY: No interest no hassle. Pay off at your own pace, then receive the goods. You specify with us how many payments you will make and then once agreed, we proceed. In the event you cancel the the purchase before the final payment date, there will be a $10 admin fee, then the amount you've paid will be refunded. An account will be need to created by you on the website for you do to this, so you can see payment progress.
PAYPAL: Also possible, please ask.