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  • Fits most cars with removable headrests, Zipped in 3 sections to allow fold down seats. High quality 6mm core polyester, washable and easily installed.

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    Hair Trimmer suits adults, kids, babies, pets. Waterproof and rechargeable using USB. Does a No.1 cut safely. Comes with combs.

  • PU leather front set for cars with headrests. Stylish look to protect and enhance your front seats, these fit basically any car with a standard seat and a headrest.

  • For kids and pets, create a removable boundary across an indoor entranceway. Available in 2 sizes, 110cm wide ($29) or 180cm wide ($33), there is some flexibility each size. This is mesh, with poles and adhesive hooks, no nails or screws required. Check the video and website for details.

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